I always thought that being a mother wouldn’t change me and I was determined to keep my old life as much as possible.  No way was I going to be one of those people who suddenly found it ok to share too much information while everyone (read: non parents) visibly cringed or adopted a glazed look.

But here I am… and the funny thing is that I have found that there are so many things I share with my parent friends, whether it be sad, difficult or downright hilarious that I wanted a place to record them.

I came up with the title as I learned that in my new life as a mother, there are behaviours and events that are suddenly acceptable if you preface them with being a mother (anyone who has washed someone else’s vomit out of their ear knows what I mean).  I have no idea if anyone wants to read this but that would be a bonus.

So grab a cold coffee and put it in the microwave as you probably have already done twice today and see if there is anything that interests you.

Oh….and about me?  30-something mother of two in Auckland, New Zealand.

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