I had a flashback to the mid 90s today and thought about how friends and I spent hours making friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread, which we then hid up our sleeves as they were banned at school (oh how rebellious).

I am also racking my brains to think of original party favours for the upcoming 3 year old Thomas party (I don’t have much money to waste on things that will get thrown away) so without even checking if these are in fashion, I thought i’d see if I can make a suitable toddler sized one. I mean come on, the kids are running around with coloured rubber bands round their wrists so on some level this must be acceptable.

I found some tank engine appropriate colours and got a basic one finished in about 25 minutes tonight…so will show the boy tomorrow and see what he thinks.

One question remains: is it still called a bracelet for a boy?

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