Thomas Inspired Friendly Bracelet



I had a flashback to the mid 90s today and thought about how friends and I spent hours making friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread, which we then hid up our sleeves as they were banned at school (oh how rebellious).

I am also racking my brains to think of original party favours for the upcoming 3 year old Thomas party (I don’t have much money to waste on things that will get thrown away) so without even checking if these are in fashion, I thought i’d see if I can make a suitable toddler sized one. I mean come on, the kids are running around with coloured rubber bands round their wrists so on some level this must be acceptable.

I found some tank engine appropriate colours and got a basic one finished in about 25 minutes tonight…so will show the boy tomorrow and see what he thinks.

One question remains: is it still called a bracelet for a boy?


Any Spare Room Is A Play Room


We have made a few changes, starting with my ideal that the kids will one day share a room. Then began a long and complicated forward planning discussion about beds and bedroom furniture, and the end result is that we sold our two old single beds and the boy now sleeps on a futon (awaiting the day when he will share bunks with his sister).

So…we have retained our spare room for family and friends – and in the off season its a playroom for kids and a work room for us.  And currently its half empty…. I am already thinking of how I can decorate it!

You Only Need One Hand

Seriously, two hands are a waste of time.  Unless your second hand is taken up jiggling a crying baby that is.

Here is my list of what I have recently achieved with one hand:

  • creamed butter and sugar together to make the boy some chocolate chip cookies – he started using the mixer himself but quickly got bored and told me it was too loud, then wandered off to find something else to do*
  • eaten a McDonalds combo that I had previously fetched with said crying baby from the drive thru in my pyjamas
  • done some crochet – although with this one I cheated as I manouvered the other hand to hold it steady
  • made dinner almost every night, including taking things out of the oven bending as per Playboy bunny to ensure little miss kept her eyebrows
*yes he was perfectly happy to help me eat them

The Second Coming…

I started this blog some months ago and never quite got it off the ground.  A lot has happened since then, notably the arrival of a second child on 9 June.  She is just awesome and I have been wrapped up in her for the last 2 months.

So I am going to start anew and see if I can get this thing going now.  I don’t even know if anyone is interested in reading it but its worth a try…

Here is lil miss perfection:

Little Miss

how are you feeling?

being mama means…

when someone asks you how you are, you actually have to stop and think for a second as you probably don’t know.


being mama means…

going to the mall with one eyebrow plucked so that your son can have new shoes.